Chanelle Wilson, LDHS

Chanelle is a Certified Enzyme Specialist. She received her education through the Loomis Institute of Enzyme Nutrition out of Logan College of Chiropractic. Her passion for helping people live their best life led her to expanding her education to becoming an EPTWorks Certified Practitioner. With the dynamic combination, she is able to help people in their healing process through both nutritional and emotional support. She believes in educating and equipping her clients with the knowledge necessary to make healthy choices. Since every person is unique, she tailors their care to their individual needs.

Your 1st Enzyme appointment is

2 hours in length. Please fast for 8 hours before. 24 Hour Urinalysis is to be completed after.

Follow up visits are 30 minutes in length.

When Chanelle is out of the office, she enjoys traveling with her husband, teaching their two daughters to cook healthy meals, chasing around the family dogs, and speaking around the community. 

252 West salon & Medspa

For Your Relaxation and Beauty Needs

This locations provides a relaxing atmosphere in a beautiful spa.  With state of the art training and equipment, you will experience the best of Dayton here. Spa services will enhance your healing services.

Premier Family Healthcare

 A Chiropractic Lifestyle Center. 

This location provides services committed to improving your health. Here, Chanelle works along side Dr. Russell Hulbert, DC. He provides gentle and effective treatment to the smallest member of your family up to the wisest. His support of the structure and nervous system greatly compliments Chanelle's services.


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Your 1st EPT session comes with an"Adventure Guarantee", ​that if you believe it will not be beneficial, there is NO charge.

Individual Sessions are 1 hour.


sessions are also available.